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Everything on the Actors/Actresses that I have!
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The Main Picture Paige! Where all my pictures are!
My Top Ten Lists!
Uh...basically what the title says....
My Poetry Paige!
For all Literature lovers, the poems that I have. Send me some if you have any!
Mortal Kombat Paige!
It's back! Yes, thanks to help and encouragement from Jaz, the MK site is officially back!
All About Me!
For those of you out there who actually care about the person who made this site.....
My Thank You's!
Go see who's on my thank you's! You might be....if you sent me stuff you are......send me stuff and you can be! Pictures, info, anything that might be useful!
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well having it here was making the page all uneven,so I'm just going to put the latest update on the main page and the old ones are here...if anyone cares...
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Welcome    to    Paige's    Home    Paige!

Welcome to my website! 
Sorry it's been so long 
since I've updated...
As I said before, school
started and since everything's
been very...whoa(!)-ish...
and I had little social crisis..
for everyone who cares, I 
updated the about me page...

Paige's Home Paige was last updated: 4/1/00